Why I Oppose the Weddington Golf & Tennis Development


The proposed development of Weddington Golf & Tennis has been an issue of debate in Studio City for a decade. During that time, the size and scope of the project has changed, but the community’s feelings about it haven’t—and neither have mine.

Recently, I sent a public letter to members of the community who had shared their thoughts with me about the current development proposal at Weddington Golf & Tennis. Nearly every letter, postcard and email my office received agreed with my long-held and passionate commitment to preserving this vitally important open space.

For years, since long before I was elected to serve as your Los Angeles City Councilmember, I have consistently and clearly expressed my personal commitment to preserving the Weddington Golf & Tennis property as open space. This is the largest privately-owned open space adjacent to the Los Angeles River, and it is a vitally important component of my long-term vision for revitalization of the river as an environmental, aesthetic and recreational resource for the San Fernando Valley. It is also a precious and cherished part of our quality of life in Studio City, and I will always do everything in my power to ensure that it remains so.

I have worked hard for years to find ways to preserve this property as a beneficial community asset. As a State Assemblymember in 2008, I ensured that a proposed state water bond would set aside funding to preserve the property for its environmental value in reducing stormwater runoff and recharging our groundwater aquifer. Upon my election to the City Council, I led the effort to use funds generated by Proposition O (a clean water bond measure) to acquire the entire property and dedicate it as a regional park that would preserve the historical structures, permanently protect the open space, and provide enhanced environmental and recreational value for the community. That effort continues, and its likelihood of success will depend on the degree to which Prop O funding remains available.

The current proposal for condominium development at Weddington Golf & Tennis would irrevocably preclude these options and other opportunities to preserve this treasured open space permanently for the benefit of our community.

As with all development proposals of significance to our community, I have worked to ensure that the process for considering this proposal has been fair and transparent, with a thorough environmental study and a robust opportunity for public comment. At my request, the city’s Planning Department extended the normal comment period to ensure that community members had ample opportunity to voice their opinions. I am pleased that the vast majority of public commenters agree with my opposition to this proposal.

As long as I represent Studio City, I will fight to protect this irreplaceable environmental and recreational asset that adds so much to our community’s quality of life. Thank you again to everyone who has joined me in that effort. I hope you all stay involved and stay committed to this important cause.

I will certainly keep you informed about the status of this proposal, and in the meantime, please feel free to contact me about this or any other issue that concerns you.