Goal! Whitsett Soccer Complex Completed

Ten years ago, the soccer fields at the corner of Whitsett and Vanowen in North Hollywood were so heavily used that they had become little more than dirt and rocks. If that were not bad enough, the children and adults trying to use these dusty fields were frequently victimized and threatened by violent gangs.  It was a disgrace and a disturbing example of the inequity that too many neighborhoods endure.

Upon taking office, Councilmember Krekorian launched a major project to improve the park and reclaim it for the surrounding community.  His plan was to build multiple synthetic turf soccer fields to meet the extraordinary demand and to expand amenities that would make the park feel safe and welcoming for the public.
Last week, Councilmember Krekorian joined other officials in marking the completion of ten years of work on the complex.  The completed park now includes seven synthetic turf fields, bleachers, shade structures, new restrooms, picnic areas, added trees, security lighting and cameras, and a community room.  LED lighting for the fields was also installed to allow play during extended evening hours.  Where there once was little more than dirt and rocks, there is now a state-of-the-art soccer complex and family-friendly recreation facility.
Due to COVID pandemic restrictions, the fields are currently open only for youth skills practice and conditioning, not games.  A community-wide grand opening will be held once the pandemic subsides and it's safe to do so.
"I am grateful to the staff of the Department of Recreation and Parks for their amazing work to bring this project to completion," noted Councilmember Krekorian. "Even during the pandemic, the RAP staff never slowed down in their work to deliver this incredible facility to our community."