We Want You: Nominations for Veteran of the Year

Every November, we celebrate Veterans Day in honor of the millions of brave Americans who have served in the Armed Forces. These ordinary men and women embody our greatest ideals of patriotism and freedom through their extraordinary service and sacrifice.

I am so proud to lead the Los Angeles City Council's yearly "Salute to Veterans" presentation to highlight the outstanding service men and women here in Los Angeles who not only served our country in the military, but continue to do so by being active participants in our communities.

This year, I'm seeking your help to nominate someone you know who is both a veteran and community hero as this year's Veteran of the Year for Council District 2. During the City Council's Veteran's Day Salute, which will take place on November 13 in City Hall, the nominee will be honored alongside veterans from across the city.

The deadline to submit nominations is Monday, October 29.

Please nominate a veteran that you know and forward this call for nominations to your neighbors and friends. If you have questions or other thoughts to share, please email me at [email protected]