Vaccine Requirement Update

The City of Los Angeles has adopted a vaccine requirement for admission to some indoor public places and participation in some public activities. This ordinance officially took effect on November 8; enforcement efforts began on November 29, the Monday following the Thanksgiving holiday.

Under the ordinance, businesses must require proof of vaccination when customers enter specified indoor facilities, including restaurants, gyms, movie theaters, concert halls, museums, and personal care establishments such as barber shops, spas, and nail and hair salons. Proof of vaccination is also required for participation at outdoor events attended by more than 5,000 people.

The ordinance does NOT require proof of vaccination to enter malls, shopping centers, grocery stores, drugstores, or retail businesses that do not serve food or drink; to pick up take-out orders; or to use a public restroom in any establishment. The ordinance specifies that children under 12 years of age are exempt from these requirements.  

Customers who are not vaccinated may nonetheless be invited to use outdoor portions of the business.  Those who are not vaccinated due to an actual medical reason or a sincerely held religious belief may also be offered service in indoor portions of the business if they show proof of a negative COVID-19 test taken within the previous 72 hours. 

The COVID vaccines are safe and effective.  They greatly reduce the risk of infection, and when breakthrough infections do occur, the vaccinated are far less likely to become seriously ill.  Conversely, the unvaccinated not only run a higher risk of becoming infected and transmitting the virus, but a vastly higher risk of serious illness, hospitalization, death or long-term health effects.  Being vaccinated, and maintaining your immunity with a booster shot if needed, is the best way to protect yourself, your loved ones and our community.  Together, we can beat COVID and return to a more normal life.