Unappropriated Balance / Targeted Local Hire Program - Disadvantaged Communities / Line Item Appropriation

MOTION-- The Fiscal Year 2020-21 Adopted Budget sets aside $90 million in the Unappropriated
Balance for the preservation of City services, reinvestment in disadvantaged communities and
communities of color, reimagining public safety service delivery, and the Targeted Local Hire
(TLH) Program.

The TLH Program provides an alternate job pathway into City civil service via full-time,
paid, on-the-job training for entry-level City positions to individuals in certain targeted
populations. These populations include designated zip codes, formerly incarcerated individuals,
disconnected youth, former gang members, current and formerly homeless individuals, older
workers, transgender individuals, individuals with disabilities, and veterans. Many individuals
included in these targeted populations suffer from the injustices that were highlighted by the
protests following the killing of George Floyd. The need for good jobs is at an all-time high due
to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has also disproportionately impacted disadvantaged
communities and communities of color.

I THEREFORE MOVE that $20,000,000 be appropriated within the Unappropriated
Balance Fund No. 100-58, from the “Reserve for Preservation of City Services, Reinvestment in
Disadvantaged Communities and Communities of Color, Reimagining Public Safety Service
Delivery, and Targeted Local Hire Program ” line item to a new line item entitled: "Targeted
Local Hire Program - Disadvantaged Communities" in order to better focus on the needs of
disadvantaged communities.