Tujunga Village Traffic Signal Gets Green Light


It takes a village to raise a child, and it certainly takes one to protect them. Earlier this week, I was proud to join community leaders to celebrate the activation of a long-awaited traffic signal in Studio City's Tujunga Village. 

For nearly two decades, the intersection at Tujunga Ave. and Woodbridge St. has been a major public safety problem for the community in Tujunga Village. Community leaders, including Gail Steinberg, David Spies and Barry Johnson, led the charge for years to create a safer street for children walking to school nearby and pedestrians of all ages. These leaders, and many other residents, deserve an immense amount of credit for getting us where we are today.

In 2001, long before my election to the City Council, two Angelenos died after they were hit while crossing the street at Tujunga and Woodbridge. One year later, the community secured a crosswalk at the intersection, but safety concerns persisted.

This new four-way traffic signal was a long time coming, but I'm happy that I worked with the community and the LA Dept. of Transportation to make it a reality. With the activation of this new traffic signal, we are taking a big step forward for safety, for the residents of this vibrant neighborhood and for the businesses that help make the community great. 

It's a win for our community in every single way.