Steering Toward Valley's Transit Future


VAN NUYS - San Fernando Valley leaders gathered for the Transportation Summit to discuss the region's transit future. Councilmember Krekorian, who is a member of the Metro and Metrolinks boards, pushed the importance of adding more rail projects in order to improve connectivity for the regions residents. 

The summit, hosted by state Sen. Bob Hertzberg and the Valley Economic Alliance, focused on identifying the best railways and bus system projects to link residents to jobs and market places. With only two rail stops of 80 located in the Valley, the region's nearly two million residents have been underserved for decades. Leaders also discussed how the Measure R2 tax proposal is an opportunity to improve transit infrastructure in the Valley. 

"This is a golden opportunity for transportation in the San Fernando Valley," said Krekorian. "The Valley must be part of a systemized (transit) plan. We must now speak as a single voice: The Valley must not be left out. So it will be imperative for everyone in this room to fight tooth and nail ... to make every penny that this Valley deserves goes into the ballot measure."

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