Javier Frias Is Transforming Council District 2

Javier Frias is quietly transforming Council District 2, one bulky item, blighted alley, overgrown tree, and weed-infested lot at a time.

Earlier this month, I welcomed Javier to Team Krekorian. He joined my North Hollywood office as a part of my new community cleanup team. Every weekday at 7 a.m., Javier consults his list of projects and heads to locations across the district, where the veteran gardener and maintenance professional attacks blight with enthusiasm. 

In a few short weeks, his phone is already filled with a series of impressive before and after photos. As part of the new cleanup team I launched, Javier's sole job is to remove blight from our East Valley neighborhoods and help keep our community clean.

I'll continue to share the work Javier is doing around the district as part of my ongoing neighborhood beautification push in the East Valley. If you have a site that needs cleaning, including removal of bulky items, please call my District Office at (818) 755-7676. Javier will be on the case as soon as possible.

As always, if you have thoughts or comments, please email me: [email protected]