Thinking Globally and Acting Locally to Save the Earth

Last month, the latest report from the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warned that unless the nations of the Earth drastically reduce emissions from burning fossil fuels, we will pass a point where worsening floods, drought, wildfires and ecosystem collapse are unavoidable.  

Although many national governments are failing to act with sufficient urgency, major cities around the world can make a significant positive difference in combating climate change through local action.  Here in Los Angeles, we’re taking bold steps that are important to the future of our city, and our example is leading others to follow. 

In my roles as Councilmember and as a board member of both Metro and Metrolink, I’ve made it a priority to promote clean energy and to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that are driving catastrophic climate change.  I’ve also led the battle against the single-use plastics that are sustaining the fossil fuels industries at the expense of the global ecosystem.  You can find updates on some of this work in Our Valley News.