Targeted Local Hire Program / Analysis / Impediments / Delay

MOTION-- The City launched the Targeted Local Hire (TLH) program on June 6, 2017 to develop
innovative workforce strategies that would serve City residents and offer career opportunities to
local residents. The TLH Program targets individuals in under-served populations and are hired
into entry level positions, which allows participants the opportunity to promote into other City
jobs. Since it began, 13,966 applications have been received and 1,175 individuals have been
hired (as of December 31 , 2021). Currently there are 38 City departments, offices, an<l bureaus
participating in the program.

Opportunities exist for greater utilization of the TLH program by City departments,
however, a lengthy hiring process inhibits the City's ability to hire more staff.

I THEREFORE MOVE that the City Council instruct the Personnel Department, with
assistance from the City Administrative Officer and the Chief Legislative Analyst, to report in 30
days with an analysis of the impediments that delay the hiring of individuals through the Targeted
Local Hire Program, including but not limited to, fingerprinting and background checks.