Systematic Code Enforcement Program / Gateway to Green / Water Conservation / Energy Efficiency / Renewable Energy

MOTION-- In 1998, the City of Los Angeles launched the Systematic Code Enforcement Program (SCEP). The
goal of the program is to inspect the City's rental housing stock routinely to prevent dangerous,
substandard, unsanitary, or deficient residential buildings and dwelling units. All buildings with
two or more living units are inspected every four years to ensure compliance with State and local
health and safety codes. 

In the past, the SCEP program ran an initiative known as Gateway to Green, in which SCEP
inspectors provided recommendations to building owners on optional strategies to reduce their
utility costs and environmental impacts. The Gateway to Green program offered background
information about energy and water conservation measures and information about government or
utility programs that can defray the costs of implementing a project.

The energy used to light, cool, and heat Los Angeles' buildings represents roughly 43% of
community-wide greenhouse gas emissions, more than any other sector. Reducing the
environmental impact of buildings offers co-benefits in the form of more comfortable and healthy
buildings for tenants, and reduced operating and utility costs. For these reasons, the SCEP program
should provide added value to building owners and tenants while also supporting efforts to reduce
the environmental impact of Los Angeles' rental housing stock.

I THEREFORE MOVE that the Los Angeles Housing Department report on opportunities to identify
voluntary water conservation, energy efficiency, and renewable energy recommendations in the
Systematic Code Enforcement Program as an added service to building owners and tenants. The
report should describe strategies to share information about common measures and opportunities
to partner with the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power to reduce the cost of doing this