Sidewalk Repair Just Got Easier


You might remember that, last year, the City Council launched LA's first-ever comprehensive sidewalk repair program. We pledged to invest more than $30 million a year and a total of $1.4 billion over the next 30 years to make all 11,000 miles of city sidewalks safe and accessible for everyone. The program, called Safe Sidewalks LA, is one of the biggest and boldest infrastructure projects in LA's history.

Our investment in sidewalk repair is already making communities better and safer throughout the city. Since the Safe Sidewalks LA began, we've been hard at work fixing sidewalks at parks, libraries and recreation centers, and also offering residents a way to make necessary repairs in their neighborhoods. 

One critical piece of the program is the rebate component, which allows property owners who want to make repairs outside of their home or business a chance to do so, while sharing a portion of the cost with the city. In order to make the rebate more attractive and useful to property owners, this week, the City of Los Angeles increased the rebate amount to a maximum of $10,000 for residential and commercial property owners. Previously, homeowners were eligible for up to $2,000, while commercial property owners could receive up to $4,000.   

If you're a property owner with broken sidewalks in front of your business or home, you are eligible for the rebate program. To better understand how to get enrolled and to find out more about the rebate, visit

Learn more about the overall Safe Sidewalks LA program here:   

I hope the newly increased rebate will encourage even more Angelenos to take advantage of this great opportunity to fix their sidewalks with help from the city. As always, I welcome your thoughts, comments and questions: [email protected].