Senior Nutrition Assistance / Food-Insecurity / Senior Meal Delivery Enhancement / Building and Safety Permit Enterprise Fund / COVID-19 Response

For years, the city has provided support for seniors in need of nutrition assistance through the
Department of Aging. A network of Multipurpose Senior Centers, together with nonprofits and aid
organizations, have helped to connect food supplies with people who need them the most. This
network was already straining to meet the needs of food-insecure seniors, and the COVID-19 crisis
has pushed that infrastructure beyond its capacity.

In order to augment these programs and provide food security to far more of the most vulnerable
people in our communities, and at the same Lime provide desperately needed economic support to
struggling restaurants and their employees, many members of the City Council have already
organized emergency programs and have used their own district-specific funds to purchase and
distribute meals. These district-specific programs have made an enormous positive impact for
thousands of people in need of food support.

A citywide program based in part on these successful models will create the ability to scale up these
benefits substantially, helping even more seniors and more businesses and employees. A citywide
program will also ensure the city’s ability to be reimbursed by state and federal funding sources,

WE THEREFORE MOVE that the Council INSTRUCT the Department of Aging and the Department of
Transportation to coordinate by utilizing existing databases and service providers to identify food insecure seniors and unmet need for food services, and to create a system of partnership between
service providers and transportation services, particularly taxicab franchisees and the transit

WE FURTHER MOVE that the Council INSTRUCT the Department of Aging to work with each
Councilmember [i] to identify any unmet senior meal needs that are the highest priorities for that
Councilmember in serving the constituents of his or her district, (ii] to identify restaurants and
other food service facilities in each district that would make good partners in securing a supply of
quality foods and provide the greatest opportunity to preserve or create jobs, and (iii) to leverage
existing programs, outreach and facilities with the goal of improving the city's ability to scale up
senior meal delivery significantly and increase service to the most food insecure seniors in our

WE FURTHERMOVE that the Council INSTRUCT the Controller to establish a new line item within
the General City Purposes account entitled "Senior Meal Delivery Enhancement."

WE FURTHER MOVE that the Council INSTRUCT the City Administrative Officer to transfer $25
million from Fund 48R, Building and Safety Permit Enterprise Fund, Department 08, Account
08S204, Reserve for Future Cost, to the General City Purposes account "Senior Meal Delivery
Enhancement" line-item, with the understanding that these funds are a temporary loan to be repaid
from future General Fund and/or State and federal funds for COVID-19 response.