Senior Management Analyst II (9171-2) / Senior Management Analyst I (9171-1) / Management Analyst (9184) / Department of General Services / Centralized Public and Private Procurement Portal / Resolution Authority

MOTION (BUDGET & FINANCE)-- The City of Los Angeles is taking leadership during this crucial time of economic recovery by making it easier for businesses to be connected to contracting opportunities. In view of this
priority, this Council has requested the Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) to leverage the current
development of the City's solicitation platform and expand its capabilities from a solely City
focused platform to a broader regional focused platform. This regional platform will function as
a centralized portal that can house public and private procurement and contracting activities for
both the City and the region. In order to support the success of this platform, the CPO was
allocated $500,000 through the budgeting process for Fiscal Year (FY) 2021-22 for operational
needs and $250,000 for marketing outreach to businesses. While the funding was made available
for the CPO, the budget did not include the position authorities.

The regular authorities outlined in this Motion will be responsible for establishing two sections
within the Office of the CPO. The two sections are the Regional Portal Development and
Administration Section and the Procurement Policy and Process Section. These sections will be
crucial to the initial implementation of a strategic procurement ecosystem in future phases of the
Office of the CPO, which will build upon the areas of procurement policy, process improvement,
innovation, vendor relations, and active contract management.

I THEREFORE MOVE that Council, subject to the approval of the Mayor, approve the
following five regular authorities, subject to allocation by the Personnel Department and pay
grade determination by the City Administrative Officer (CAO) in the Department of General
Services to staff the CPO's initiatives.

Count / Class Code / Class Name:

1 / 9171-2 Senior Management Analyst II

1 / 9171-1 Senior Management Analyst I

3 / 9184 Management Analyst

I FURTHER MOVE to instruct the Personnel Department to expedite the allocation and the
CAO to expedite the pay grade determinations of the positions requested for the Office of the

I FURTHER MOVE that the City Clerk be directed to place on the Council Agenda for July 1,
2021, or as soon thereafter as possible, the following recommendations for adoption:

Transfer appropriations in the amount of $750,000 from General City Purposes, Fund
No. 100/56, Account No. 000991 Office of the Chief Procurement Officer to the
Department of General Services, Fund No. 100/40 as indicated below: (Chart in Official Motion) 

I FURTHER MOVE to authorize the CPO to make necessary technical adjustments, subject to
the approval of the CAO; and, authorize the Controller to implement the instructions.

I FURTHER MOVE that this Motion be placed on the next available Council Agenda, pursuant
to the Los Angeles City Council Rule No. 16.