SB 156 / Broadband Infrastructure Expansion Funding / Internet Access / Underserved and Unserved Communities / City Digital Inclusion Efforts

MOTION-- On July 20, 2021, the Governor signed SB 156 into law. This legislation provides $6 billion in
funding to expand broadband infrastructure and enhance internet access for underserved and
unserved communities across the State. Among other things, this legislation allocates $2 billion
to the Broadband Infrastructure Grant Account program, of which $1 billion is allocated to urban
counties. Each urban county in the State will receive $5 million for last-mile broadband projects,
with the remaining balance of funds allocated based on each urban county's proportionate share
of California households without access to broadband internet service with at least 100
megabits per second download speeds. This legislation also creates a continuously appropriated
loan-loss fund to assist local governments and nonprofits in financing broadband service

Over recent years, the City has worked to increase digital equity and digital inclusion through
programs such as the business technology assistance program for small businesses, and the Job
and Economic Development Incentive (JEDI) Zones, in an effort to ensure that underserved
communities across Los Angeles have access to high-speed internet. SB 156 funding will have a
significant impact on these efforts. The Council needs to prepare immediately for the potential
impacts of this legislation and begin planning the projects the City may be able to implement
using SB 156 funds.

I THEREFORE MOVE that the City Administrative Officer and the Information Technology
Agency, with assistance from the Economic and Workforce Development Department, report on
the impacts of SB 156, any potential revenue the City expects to receive as a result of passage of
this legislation, current broadband assistance programs available to individuals and businesses
within the City, and potential uses of funds provided by this legislation that will enhance the
City's digital inclusion efforts.