Salaries Shortfall / Los Angeles Fire Department / Palisades Fire / Unappropriated Balance Fund

MOTION-- The Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) will have a salaries shortfall of $9.6 million after Year
End Financial Status Report adjustments. The shortfall is the result of the Department operating at
peak service levels particularly with the recent Palisades fire which drew resources for approximately
two weeks in May 2021. The shortfall will be reduced with revenues, reimbursements and operational
savings, including net revenue from the 19-20 Intergovernmental Transfer Program and recent grant
reimbursements to Variable Staffing Overtime. However, additional General Funds of $4.5 million are
required to close the gap.

I THEREFORE MOVE that City Council, subject to approval of the Mayor, authorize the
Controller to:

• Transfer $4,533,506 from the Reserve Fund to the Unappropriated Balance Fund
No.100/58 and appropriate therefrom to the Fire Department No. 100/38, Account
No. 001012, Salaries Sworn;
• Transfer $2,104,894 from Fund No. 59F /38, 38P401, Medi-Cal Intergovernmental
Transfer to the Fire Department Fund No. 100/38, Account No. 001012, Salaries
Sworn; and,
• Transfer $2,927,600 within the Fire Department Fund No.100/38 as follows:

I FURTHER MOVE that the Fire Department be authorized to prepare Controller instructions for any technical adjustments, subject to the approval of the City Administrative Officer, and that the Controller be authorized to implement the instructions.