Republic of Artsakh / Armenian Prisoners of War / Official End of Hostilities / Azerbaijan / Commemoration and Memorial / Illumination of City Hall / General City Purposes Fund

MOTION-- I MOVE that $400 in the General City Purposes Fund No. 100-56, Account
No. 0702 (CD 2 Community Services) be transferred to the General
Services Fund No. 100-40, Account No. 1070 (Salaries-As Needed), for
services in connection with the Council District 2 special commemoration
on November 9, 2021, including the illumination of City Hall,
commemorating the passage of one year since the official end of hostilities
after brutal aggression by Azerbaijan against the Republic of Artsakh, in
memory of those who were killed, and in solidarity with the Armenian
prisoners of war still being held captive illegally by Azerbaijan.