Reporting System / Los Angeles Housing Services Authority (LAHSA) / Funded Programs and Activities / Contract Performance and Dollars Spent / Enhanced Comprehensive Homeless Strategy / Quarterly Report

MOTION-- Data from the 2020 Point In Time Homeless Count indicates a 16.1% increase in homelessness
City-wide, with 41,290 individuals experiencing homelessness in the City of Los Angeles. These
numbers have continued to rise over the past few years as a result of multiple factors, including a
city-wide housing shortage, increased economic stresses resulting in unemployment and

In fiscal year 2020-21, the City will invest $40 million in general funds for homeless services programs
through the Los Angeles Housing Services Authority (LAHSA], mostly interim housing and shelter costs,
street outreach and hygiene programs. About $70 million in additional State and Federal funds are
provided by the City to LAHSA.

The City Council and Mayor approve funds and programs for LAHSA to implement the City's Enhanced
Comprehensive Homeless Strategy. Additionally, the City Administrative Officer, Chief Legislative
Analyst, Mayor’s Office and Housing + Community Investment Department (HCID) all provide direction
to LAHSA. LAHSA executes these strategies through approximately eight to ten annual contracts with
service providers administered through HCID. The contract performance requirements, however, do
not necessarily reflect a uniform way to measure the implementation of goals and strategies stated in
the ECHS. These differing measurements limit the City's capacity to assess and compare program
performance when allocating funds and selecting program priorities.

In order to promote accountability and cost-effectiveness in the delivery of services to the homeless
population of Los Angeles, the City should ensure that homeless services programs, metrics and
measures of success are uniform and aligned to strategic goals, and effectively track measurable
outcomes, in order to evaluate the costs and benefits of services delivered by LAHSA and its nonprofit
partners through its own contract administration.

I THEREFORE MOVE that the City Council instruct the City Administrative Office and the Chief
Legislative Analyst, with input from the Mayor’s Office, LAHSA and the Housing + Community
Investment Department, to develop a unified, streamlined reporting system for all LAHSA-funded
programs and activities to measure contract performance, and dollars spent per-person, per-program,
and incorporate this data into tire Enhanced Comprehensive Homeless Strategy report presented to
Council and Mayor each quarter.

I FURTHER MOVE that the City Council instruct LAHSA to report to the City all service delivery and
outcome measurements that subrecipient service providers currently report to LAHSA for City-funded

I FURTHER MOVE, that the City Council instruct the City Administrative Office, Chief Legislative
Analyst, and LAHSA, pursuant to CF 20-0042, to align the stated goals in the Enhanced Comprehensive
Homeless Strategy with the contract reporting metrics required by various City entities.

I FURTHER MOVE that the City Council instruct HCID, the City Administrative Office, and the Chief
Legislative Analyst, in consultation with the City Attorney, to work jointly to evaluate the following:

a) The criteria used to determine which funds and programs are awarded through LAHSA
as sole source contracts and which are competitively procured.

b) Whether to provide LAHSA additional direction regarding which programs and services
are best procured competitively versus sole source,

c) Whether to provide LAHSA direction regarding how to provide technical assistance, and
if necessary, discontinue service providers that do not meet service targets, financial
reporting or other administrative requirements established by LAHSA,