Recreation and Parks Facilities / Maintenance / Equity / Sustainability / Unappropriated Balance / Fund Transfer

The 2021-22 Adopted Budget included $75,000,000 in the Unappropriated Balance (UB)
for the Department of Recreation and Parks (RAP) to make capital improvements at City
parks and facilities.

RAP has developed a capital improvement plan to utilize the $75,000,000 in funds to
complete 71 projects (citywide) that would improve RAP facilities by
replacing/refurbishing aging outdated equipment and facilities and improve other areas to
reduce demands on maintenance and/or improve access for patrons.
RAP has proposed projects that include:

• 16 playground replacements
• 10 new or replaced restrooms
• 13 building improvements/upgrade projects (including ADA access, security,
HV AC, and roof repairs)
• 14 sports fields/park lighting upgrades
• 7 sports field improvements
• 9 general park improvements
• 2 swimming pools (replacement/refurbishment)

RAP's plan was developed with a focus on equity, sustainability and protecting park
facilities and assets. The majority of these projects are located in disadvantaged
communities, and are focused on meeting the needs of the City's youth, adults and seniors
in those communities. The plan continues RAP's strong and on-going commitment to equity
and to providing safe and accessible parks in all areas of the City.

I THEREFORE MOVE that City Council, subject to the approval of the Mayor, authorize the
Office of the Controller to transfer $75,000,000 from the Unappropriated Balance Maintenance at Recreation and Parks Facilities to Recreation and Parks, Fund 302,
Department No 89, APPR Account No. TBD, APPR Name Maintenance at Recreation and
Parks Facilities.

I FURTHER MOVE that RAP, in consultation With each Council District, be allowed to modify
the project list within the funds allocated to that Council District if necessary.

I FURTHER MOVE that the Recreation and Parks Department be authorized to make any
technical corrections subject to the City Administrative Officer (CAO) approval to the above
instructions in order to effectuate the intent of this Motion.