Reappointment of Chief Moore

LOS ANGELES (January 31, 2023) - Los Angeles City Council President Paul Krekorian has released the following statement.


“Congratulations to Chief Michel Moore on his reappointment as Chief of the Los Angeles Police Department.  I look forward to working with the Chief to expand community policing and alternative response capability.  Among other priorities this will mean improving the Department’s response to incidents arising from mental health crises.  We will need to increase the availability of Mental Evaluation Units and Systemwide Mental Assessment Teams, while training all officers to identify and respond appropriately to mental health crisis situations.”


“The Council and the Chief need to work with the Department of Personnel to expedite and increase recruitment and hiring, both of sworn and non-sworn personnel, hiring civilians for all duties that do not need to be performed by sworn personnel and maximizing the number of officers on patrol duty.  It is also apparent that the All Civilian Option for Board of Rights hearings has reduced accountability for officer misconduct and needs to be revisited. I will continue to work with the Chief as we have in the past, to ensure that our Los Angeles Police Department remains the nation’s finest.”