Plastic Foodware Ordinance Takes Effect

Get ready to say goodbye to all the unused plastic knives and forks that clutter our kitchen drawers and cupboards.

Ordinance No. 187030 requires that food and beverage facilities located in the City of Los Angeles — and all third party food delivery services operating in the city — offer disposable food ware accessories (plastic, knives, forks, spoons, stirrers, condiment packets, etc.) only to customers who specifically request them. This phase of the ordinance only applies to larger businesses, those with 26 employees or more.  Smaller establishments will need to curtail their disposable foodware giveaways starting next April.

It may seem like a small matter, but the amount of non-biodegradable, unrecyclable plastic waste accumulating in landfills and congesting our waterways is a threat to marine life and other ecosystems.  It’s past time we stopped creating and consuming so much plastic waste. So the next time you order take-out, “Skip the Stuff!