Redistricting Alert - District 2 Disenfranchised

The redesigned District 2-OR-4 — winding from Shadow Hills to Silver Lake — could be represented by either Councilmember Krekorian or Councilmember Raman under the new plan. OR.... Either Councilmember Krekorian or Councilmember Raman could be reassigned to this new District 4-OR-2 in the West Valley — stretching from the western half of Van Nays to Canoga Park, completely removed from the districts where they were elected. Click here to see a detailed interactive map of this blatantly undemocratic Plan K2.5 at the LACCRC website. The Los Angeles City Council Redistricting Commission was supposed to adjust the boundaries of the Council districts to reflect changes in population as reported in the 2020 U.S. Census, while giving due consideration to other factors, such as geographical boundaries and communities of interest. Sadly, the integrity of the process has been compromised by backroom deal-making and has produced a plan that disenfranchises thousands of voters by depriving them of the representation they voted for. The Commission’s current plan (K2.5) calls for removing either Councilmember Krekorian or Councilmember Nithya Raman from districts that elected them less than a year ago. One of them would be required to serve a district in the West Valley, far from the constituents who elected them. Continue reading

Whitsett West Tiny Homes Village Opens!

On September 9, 2021, Councilmember Krekorian, Mayor Garcetti, Ken Craft, CEO of Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission and various dignitaries formally launched the 77-cabin 150-bed Whitsett West tiny homes facility near the corner of Saticoy and Whitsett in North Hollywood, the third such community  to open in the Councilmember's district during the year. Continue reading

Van Nuys to Sylmar Light Rail Line Receives Metro Board Support

The East San Fernando Valley Corridor project, which will be the first light rail transit line in the Valley since the demise of the Red Cars in 1952, took a big step forward last week when the Metro Board approved its final configuration. The project will connect the Van Nuys Metro station with the Sylmar/San Fernando Metrolink station, servicing busy commercial corridors and densely populated residential areas in the East Valley. Continue reading

Goal! Whitsett Soccer Complex Completed

Ten years ago, the soccer fields at the corner of Whitsett and Vanowen in North Hollywood were so heavily used that they had become little more than dirt and rocks. If that were not bad enough, the children and adults trying to use these dusty fields were frequently victimized and threatened by violent gangs.  It was a disgrace and a disturbing example of the inequity that too many neighborhoods endure. Continue reading

Al Fresco Funded Through 2020

In a year that has been so bleak for many businesses, and especially independent restaurants, the LA Al Fresco program has provided some much-needed relief. The program allows restaurants and other businesses to utilize sidewalks, parking spaces and other public areas for safer outdoor service to the public. Continue reading

First ABH Site in the Valley Opens in CD2

This week, Councilmember Krekorian opened the first "A Bridge Home" transitional shelter for the homeless in the San Fernando Valley. He was joined by Mayor Eric Garcetti, along with "Jeopardy!" host Alex Trebek and his wife Jean (who made a generous donation in support of the shelter), in cutting the ribbon. The beautiful new 15,000-square foot facility in North Hollywood will provide transitional shelter for 85 people who are currently living unhoused in the neighborhood. It has separate sections for men and women, a community room with computer workstations, and a dog run. Through careful planning and smart construction, this site is also the least expensive shelter of its kind, per bed, in the entire city. Continue reading

A Community Responds

The COVID-19 pandemic has been accompanied by extraordinary acts of generosity and support. Nowhere is this more apparent than in CD2. Continue reading

Connecting with Seniors

Our community's seniors have experienced extraordinary events during their lifetimes.  Their strength has been forged by the Second World War, the Civil Rights Movement, and the great turmoil and divisiveness of the 1960s. In each case, their character and courage helped our country overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges and emerge even stronger.  We owe them a great debt of gratitude. Continue reading

Council Approves $200,000 for NoHo Theaters

This past week, the City Council gave final approval to Councilmember Krekorian's motion allocating $200,000 from the arts development fee revenues in his district to provide a lifeline to theaters in the NoHo Arts District during the COVID-19 pandemic. Continue reading

Airplane Noise Task Force Offers Recommendations

In 2017, communities throughout the South San Fernando Valley began experiencing dramatic changes in the amount and location of airplane noise from Burbank and Van Nuys airports.  Many neighborhoods that had never before experienced significant aircraft disturbance were suddenly being barraged with a nearly constant series of planes overhead producing disruptive, roaring noise.  Continue reading

Krekorian Fights to Save NoHo Arts District Theaters

The arts are an essential part of our lives and our communities, but during the pandemic, performing arts institutions necessarily have been deemed non-essential businesses. As a result, live theaters are facing the very real threat that the show will not go on, and many may be forced to close forever. Continue reading

A Break for Local Restaurants

  This week, Councilman Krekorian co-sponsored a motion authored by Councilmember Mitch O'Farrell that would reduce by half the fees the devastated restaurant industry pays delivery services. Currently, the services can charge up to 30% of the cost of the delivery. The motion lowers that figure to no more than 15%. Continue reading

Metro Adds New Bike Stations in Valley Village and North Hollywood

This week, Metro installed two new bike stations in CD2, one at the intersection of Riverside and Laurel Canyon and the other at the intersection of Vineland and Oxnard. Continue reading

Expediting City Services in Times of Crisis

During this unprecedented pandemic, the 50,000 public employees of the City of Los Angeles have responded heroically.  Our first responders, of course, have taken on the immense challenge of keeping Los Angeles safe during a fast-moving and wide-ranging crisis.  Many City employees have been designated as disaster service workers and are serving in roles well outside their normal positions.  And at the same time, the basic functions of city government still need to be met, and our employees are showing up and getting the job done for all of us under very difficult circumstances.   Continue reading

Team Krekorian Serves Seniors in Need

LOS ANGELES - In early March, before the Mayor's Safer at Home program, a member of Councilmember Krekorian's staff contacted the Bernardi Multipurpose Senior Center in Van Nuys to see if it might need assistance delivering meals to seniors. Continue reading