Orange Line Celebrates 10th Anniversary


LOS ANGELES - This week, the Metro Orange Line celebrated its 10th birthday as the busiest bus route in the San Fernando Valley, one of the most popular in the transit agency's history and one of the most successful Bus Rapid Transit lines in the country.

Since 2005, the Orange Line has been a vital connector for the region. More than 30,000 riders use the 18-mile busway everyday to connect from the West Valley to the 80 rail stations that traverse Los Angeles County. 

"Over a decade, ridership has more than doubled, putting the lie to the myth that San Fernando Valley residents don't use public transportation," said Metro Board member Krekorian. "We do, and the Orange Line proves it. The next steps are figuring out how to dramatically increase capacity so that more people can ride it. We have a golden opportunity to do this and expand Valley transit with Measure R2 in 2016."