New Signage For Cleaner And Safer Freeway Underpasses

This past year, I have been working closely with East Valley residents, the Los Angeles Police Department, and the departments of Transportation and Sanitation to make public health and safety enhancements along freeway underpasses across the Second District.

My office worked with city officials to create and post new signage near affected areas across the Second District to improve education and enforcement around the city's rules for dwelling and the storage of property in the public right-of-way, and to initiate more cleanups along sidewalks.

Last week, a total of 18 new signs were installed at nine different locations, with plans for an additional 11 signs to be installed in the near future. The newly posted signs can be found along the 170 freeway underpasses at Chandler Boulevard, Laurel Canyon Boulevard, Magnolia Boulevard, Oxnard Street, Vanowen Street, Moorpark Street; in addition to the underpasses along the 101, 134, and 5 freeways at Laurel Canyon Boulevard, Lankershim Boulevard, and Lanark Street, respectively. 
The signs will assist the LAPD to improve enforcement around and ensure compliance with Los Angeles Municipal Code 56.11, the city's law which balances the needs of residents and the public at large to access clean and sanitary public areas with the needs of individuals who have no other alternatives for the storage of personal property.