Lankershim Boulevard / Oxnard Boulevard / Burbank Boulevard / Jobs and Economic Development Incentive (JEDI) Zone

MOTION-- The Jobs and Economic Development Incentive (JEDI) Zone program provides economic development incentives within specific geographies of the City that aim to both promote and expand business in Los Angeles. Businesses located in these zones are eligible to obtain a variety of incentives including case management of the City development permit process, permit fee reductions, business consulting, and façade improvements, among others. Continue reading

Republic of Artsakh / Armenian Prisoners of War / Official End of Hostilities / Azerbaijan / Commemoration and Memorial / Illumination of City Hall / General City Purposes Fund

MOTION-- I MOVE that $400 in the General City Purposes Fund No. 100-56, AccountNo. 0702 (CD 2 Community Services) be transferred to the GeneralServices Fund No. 100-40, Account No. 1070 (Salaries-As Needed), forservices in connection with the Council District 2 special commemorationon November 9, 2021, including the illumination of City Hall,commemorating the passage of one year since the official end of hostilitiesafter brutal aggression by Azerbaijan against the Republic of Artsakh, inmemory of those who were killed, and in solidarity with the Armenianprisoners of war still being held captive illegally by Azerbaijan.

Multi-Year Drought / Wildfire Risk / Water Supply / Public Safety / Energy Reliability / Mitigation

MOTIONTwo years ago, California emerged out of the longest and driest drought in its history. Today thestate faces another severe drought that threatens the stability of its water supply. Governor GavinNewsom recently declared a drought emergency for forty-one counties in California, and theMetropolitan Water District declared its first ever water shortage on the Colorado River. Continue reading

2021 Light Up Valley Village / Valley Village Neighborhood Council / Neighborhood Council Fund

MOTION-- I MOVE that the Council transfer and appropriate $704.02 from revenue source 5188 to theNeighborhood Council Fund No. 59B-14, Account No. 141279 (Valley Village NeighborhoodCouncil) for the purpose of funding the 2021 Light Up Valley Village event. The funds representa refund that is due from a canceled Neighborhood Council of Valley Village sponsored event,Light Up Valley Village which was to have taken place on December 7, 2019. Continue reading

Los Angeles-Long Beach Clean Air Action Plan (CAAP) / Zero Emissions (ZE) Cargo Handling Equipment / ZE Drayage Trucks / Clean Truck Fund / South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) / AB 794 / SB 338

MOTION-- Los Angeles still experiences some of the worst air quality in the nation, a reality that isespecially pronounced in the environmental justice communities adjacent to the Port of LosAngeles. In 2017, the cities of Los Angeles and Long Beach signed a joint declaration toachieve 100% zero emissions (ZE) cargo handling equipment by 2030 and 100% ZE drayagetrucks by 2035. In 2020, Governor Newsom signed executive order N-79-20 directing theCalifornia Air Resources Board to develop and propose regulations to achieve a goal of 100%ZE drayage statewide by 2035. Governor Newsom also signed AB 639 (Cervantes) whichrequires the state to identify policies and programs to mitigate the employment impacts ofautomation and transitioning of port operations to low- and zero-emission operations. Continue reading

Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) Modernization / Renewable Power Generation / Sustainable Aviation Fuels / Electrification of Ground-Based Activities / Zero-Emission Vehicles

MOTION-- LAX Modernization: Getting to NetZero -Decarbonizing and Electrifying LAXLos Angeles is making major strides in the efforts to cut carbon emissions and address climate change by focusing onour largest source of carbon emissions: energy generation. Fossil fuel fed power plants produce extreme amounts ofcarbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, and other harmful pollutants known to affect human health, wildlife,and entire ecosystems. This impact is magnified when accounting for the cost of fossil fuel extraction via drilling andmining. Though these activities often occur in largely uninhabited areas, Los Angeles County still hosts many activedrilling sites for oil and natural gas. Communities of color, historically redlined and marginalized, often bear thebrunt of these activities and diminished health outcomes for children and adults accompany people living in closeproximity to extraction of these resources. Continue reading

Los Angeles Fire Department / Funds Transfer / Sworn Overtime / Dixie, Monument, and Caldor Fires

MOTION-- Funding of $3 million was budgeted in the Unappropriated Balance (UB) forincreased overtime costs incurred by Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) firefightersproviding response to fires and disasters under mutual aid efforts, which is typicallytransferred to the Department’s overtime account in the First Financial Status Report(FSR) as needs arise. However, the LAFD has been committing sworn resources tonumerous fire incidents since July 1,2021. Major response efforts including the Dixie,Monument and Caldor fires, and persistent extreme high-risk weather conditions, havesignificantly drawn upon LAFD resources. This has resulted in depletion of the SwornOvertime account prior to consideration of the First FSR. The Department willexperience a payroll shortfall for the pay period ending October 23, 2021. Continue reading

Recreation and Parks Facilities / Maintenance / Equity / Sustainability / Unappropriated Balance / Fund Transfer

MOTION-- BUDGET & FINANCEThe 2021-22 Adopted Budget included $75,000,000 in the Unappropriated Balance (UB)for the Department of Recreation and Parks (RAP) to make capital improvements at Cityparks and facilities. Continue reading

Child Care and Learning Centers / Facility Restoration / Economically Disadvantaged Communities / COVID-19 Crisis / Unappropriated Balance / Department of Recreation and Parks / Transfer

MOTION-- BUDGET & FINANCEThe 2021-22 Adopted Budget included $20,000,000 in the Unappropriated Balance (UB) toreestablish licensed childcare centers. During the great recession, The Department ofRecreation and Parks (RAP) was forced to shutter 24 of its 26 licensed childcare centersdue to lack of funding. Two licensed childcare preschools continued operating, the RalphM. Parsons Preschool at the EXPO Center (Council District 9) and the Jim Gilliam Child CareCenter Preschool (Council District 10). Continue reading

COVID-19 Testing and Vaccination Sites / Unpaid Expenses and Invoices / Reserve Fund / Appropriation

MOTION-- Throughout 2020 and into 2021, the city went to extraordinary lengths to provide COVIDtesting to notify people when they were infected and slow or stop the spread of COVID-19throughout the region. The city operated both small regional testing locations, as well asmass testing sites such as the one at Dodger Stadium. After COVID vaccines were widelyavailable, the city then converted those testing locations into mass vaccination sites. Continue reading