Gun Violence / Economic Toll / Gun Owner Liability Insurance / City of San Jose

MOTIONWhile Los Angeles’ economy is by all accounts healing, with nearly 65 percent of job loss recovered,the recovery has been uneven leaving behind many low-income workers, people of color, and women. Thesedynamics are compounded by the fact that every level of government is straining to maintain critical hospital,fire, police, and sanitation services as well as the needs of schools, public transportation, road systems, andother basic government services. Continue reading

Foodware Accessories Upon Request / Disposable Foodware Acessories / Small Business Commission / Food Service Providers / Zero-Use Trash

MOTION-- In the U.S., billions of unused foodware accessories including utensils, straws, and condiment packets aretossed away annually. This “zero-use” trash clogs landfills, pollutes our streets and waterways, and addsto the global glut of non-recyclable plastic production. Continue reading

Early Childhood Education (ECE) / Child Care Facilities / Citywide By-Right or Administrative Approval Process / Pre-Submittal Review Process / Public Parks as Outdoor Space Requirement

MOTION-- Participation in quality Early Childhood Education (ECE) programs during the ages of 0-5 is critical to thecognitive, social and emotional development of children, yet families often find that ECE opportunities areexpensive and difficult to find. In the City of Los Angeles, ninety-six percent of children under the age of two lackaccess to a licensed child care center seat. There are only 3,406 licensed infant/toddler child care center seats for the85,251 children under the age of two in the City of Los Angeles Continue reading

Taxicab Industry / AB 1069 (Low) / Taxi Action Plan / Board of Taxicab Commissioners / Maximum Fleet Size / App-Based Trip Minimum Rate

MOTION: The taxicab industry provides a vital mobility service in Los Angeles. For business travelers andtourists, taxis provide connections between hotels, the airport, and regional destinations. For seniors,low-income residents, and people with disabilities, taxis provide essential transportation to medicalappointments, employment, and services. Since 2017, the City of Los Angeles has worked to update itsoutdated taxicab franchise system and replace it with a modern regulatory system that better meets Thepublic's mobility needs and supports a healthier industry. Continue reading

November 2022 Ballot / Ballot Measure / City Charter Amendment / Independent Redistricting Commission

MOTION-- A fundamental principle of representative democracy is that elections should be determined by voters, not by politicians who draw district maps. In many states and jurisdictions around the United States, this principle is currently under attack, with politicians at multiple levels of government drawing their own district lines to pick their voters and influence the outcome of elections.  Continue reading

5114 Lankershim Boulevard / Lankershim Art Center / NoHo Arts Districts / Purchase and Sale Agreement

MOTION-- Since the 1990s, the Department of Cultural Affairs (DCA) has operated the Lankershim ArtCenter in an historic art deco building previously owned by the Department of Water andPower. The Center has provided a space for performing and visual arts and serves as acherished space for creativity in the NoHo Arts District, particularly in a time when spacesdevoted to the arts are struggling in the COVID-19 pandemic. Continue reading

Burlington Store / North Hollywood / Shooting Incident / December 23, 2021 / Valentina Orellana-Peralta / Body Camera Footage / 911 Calls / Radio Transmissions / Los Angeles Police Department Release

MOTION-- On December 23, 2021, the Los Angeles Police Department responded to 911 calls forservice at a Burlington store in North Hollywood. The calls ranged from requests to calm aviolent unruly customer to reports that there was an active shooter on the scene. Continue reading

Copper Wire / Metal / Theft / Prevention / Street Light / Outages

MOTION-- Throughout the City, the Bureau of Street Lighting (BSL) has struggled to keep street lightsilluminated because of the continuous theft of copper wiring and other metals from citylighting fixtures. This widespread and ongoing criminal activity destroys the city'sinfrastructure, endangers the public by causing lengthy lighting outages, and coststaxpayers millions of dollars for necessary repairs. Continue reading

Targeted Local Hire Program / Analysis / Impediments / Delay

MOTION-- The City launched the Targeted Local Hire (TLH) program on June 6, 2017 to developinnovative workforce strategies that would serve City residents and offer career opportunities tolocal residents. The TLH Program targets individuals in under-served populations and are hiredinto entry level positions, which allows participants the opportunity to promote into other Cityjobs. Since it began, 13,966 applications have been received and 1,175 individuals have beenhired (as of December 31 , 2021). Currently there are 38 City departments, offices, an<l bureausparticipating in the program. Continue reading

Transportation Network Companies (TNCs) / Citys Mobility Data Specification (MDS) / Transportation Services Hiring / Verifiable Data Collection

MOTION-- The Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) regulates for-hire transportation services in the City of Los Angeles. The Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) regulates for-hire access to airport property including passenger terminals and parking facilities. Coordination and complementary regulation amongst the two agencies are paramount to achieve the City's various surface transportationregulation among the two agencies are paramount to achieve the City’s various surface transportation goals, including environmental sustainability, equitable service, and fair employment. Continue reading