Office of Procurement / City Administrative Officer / Establishment

MOTION-- The City of Los Angeles spends approximately $4.5 billion annually on procuring goods,services and construction. After staff salaries, procurement is the largest category of spending bythe City and serves as a major economic driver for the region. Treating procurement as astrategic function of government-rather than simply an administrative matter-is crucial whenit comes to achieving the City's social, economic, and environmental goals. How a City spendsits money, and which businesses it chooses to support, ought to reflect deeply held values andpriorities. Pursuing excellence in procurement is also essential to transparent and accountablegovernance and fiscal responsibility.  Continue reading

Olivarez Madruga Lemieux and ONeill / Outside Counsel / Conflict of Interest / Waiver

MOTION-- The City Administrative Officer (CAO) intends to assign the defense of LAPD Captain LillianCarranza to conflict counsel panel firm Olivarez Madruga Lemieux & O'Neill ("the Olivarezfirm”) in the matter of Jonathan Tom and Yoomi Tom v. City of Los Angeles; Los AngelesPolice and Revolver Athletic Club; Lillian Carranza, et al. (22STCV00224). Continue reading

Deed-Restricted Affordable Housing Units / Site Plan Review Exemption / City Zoning Code / Amendment

MOTION-- The housing affordability gap is one of the greatest crises facing our city. For many years, the increase in the cost of housing in Los Angeles has far outstripped the increase in average income,devastating the middle class, destroying the ability of most people to save, forcing people to make unacceptable choices between paying rent and meeting other essential needs, and significantly contributing to the spike in homelessness. Continue reading

Electric Vehicles Charging Stations / Expedite Permitting Process / AB 1236 / AB 970

MOTION-- In 2015, the State of California amended Government Code Section 65850.7 (AB 1236) torequire that all cities and counties with a population of 200,000 or more residents adopt anordinance to streamline and expedite the permitting process for electric vehicle chargingstations (EVCS). Pursuant to Government Code Section 65850.7(g)(1), the City must createsuch an ordinance and adopt a checklist of all requirements and permitting documentationto facilitate the permitting of EVCS provided that they meet all applicable local, state, andfederal health and safety standards, all applicable performance standards, and do not havea specific, adverse impact upon the public health or safety. The stated purpose of AB 1236is to lower the cost of installation, expedite permitting, and expand the infrastructureneeded to meet statewide EVCS goals. Continue reading

Electric Vehicle Master Plan / Citywide Infrastructure / Equitable Placement / Residential, Commercial and Industrial Customer Incentives / Federal and State Funding

MOTION-- On August 5, 2021, President Biden signed an Executive Order that sets an ambitious newtarget for the country to make half of all new vehicles purchased by 2030 zero-emissions,including battery electric, plug-in hybrid electric, or fuel cell electric vehicles. This $7.5 billiondollar plan will include a path towards a national Electric Vehicle (EV) network in partnershipwith the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) and other labor leaders. Continue reading

Theft / City Property / Catalytic Converters / Loss Prevention / Adequate Security

MOTION-- Over the weekend of December 25, 2021, thieves broke into a city yard in North Hollywoodand stole the catalytic converters from 39 city vehicles. The theft cost an estimated loss totaxpayers of nearly $74,000. In addition, none of the vehicles could be used to serve thepublic until they could be repaired. Continue reading

Permanent Slow Streets Program / Active Mobility and Recreation / Neighborhood Streets / AB 773 (Nazarian)

MOTION-- The “Slow Streets” program was established in May 2020 as a COVID emergency responsemeasure to give families safe open spaces to get outside and de-stress while normal recreation spaceswere closed or operating at limited capacity. The program proved popular in many neighborhoods and hasbeen embraced by community leaders throughout the City of Los Angeles. The Los Angeles Departmentof Transportation (LADOT) installed over 50 miles of Slow Streets in 30 neighborhoods, in all cases atthe request of local community organizations. Continue reading

City Public Health Department / Emergency Response / Establishment

MOTION-- The COVID-19 pandemic has decimated Los Angeles, killing thousands of individuals and leavingmany families without a grandparent, parent, or child. As the region has responded to the COVID19 pandemic, the County of Los Angeles Department of Public Health has served as the primaryagency tasked with implementing public health guidelines, testing, and vaccine distribution. Continue reading

Gun Violence / Economic Toll / Gun Owner Liability Insurance / City of San Jose

MOTIONWhile Los Angeles’ economy is by all accounts healing, with nearly 65 percent of job loss recovered,the recovery has been uneven leaving behind many low-income workers, people of color, and women. Thesedynamics are compounded by the fact that every level of government is straining to maintain critical hospital,fire, police, and sanitation services as well as the needs of schools, public transportation, road systems, andother basic government services. Continue reading

Foodware Accessories Upon Request / Disposable Foodware Acessories / Small Business Commission / Food Service Providers / Zero-Use Trash

MOTION-- In the U.S., billions of unused foodware accessories including utensils, straws, and condiment packets aretossed away annually. This “zero-use” trash clogs landfills, pollutes our streets and waterways, and addsto the global glut of non-recyclable plastic production. Continue reading