Coronavirus / COVID-19 / Department of Transportation / City Attorney / Taxi Industry Support

MOTION--The COVID-19 emergency situation continues to evolve and actions by the City must be initiated to reduce the impact on businesses and residents. Immediate action is needed to support the taxi industry during this challenging time. These in the industry anticipate its collapse without immediate, proactive action. Continue reading

Coronavirus / COVID-19 / Emergency Management Department / Emergency Childcare Centers / First Responders / City Employees / Healthcare Workers

MOTION-- Nearly 80 school districts and a number of private schools across Los Angeles County have enacted closures in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19. As the nation's second largest school district, LAUSD alone enrolls approximately 700,000 students. In response to LAUSD's closure, the District will be opening 60 grab-and-go meal locations for students, but LAUSD will not be providing day care or supervision for students during the period of closure, which may leave working parents with few options other than taking time off work. Continue reading

Signing Bonuses To Landlords Who Accept Section 8 Vouchers 

MOTION  Nearly half of Los Angeles residents who have Federal Section 8 housing vouchers will see their voucher expire before finding a landlord willing to rent to them during the 180 day period. When Section 8 voucher holders cannot find housing, they are seriously at risk of becoming homeless.  Continue reading

More Funding For Homeless Outreach In CD2

MOTION  Significant action has been taken to assist the almost 1,700 unsheltered homeless individuals that live in Council District 2. To meet the needs of those who are unsheltered, the District is developing two A Bridge Home shelters (13160 Raymer Street and 7700 Van Nuys Boulevard), as well as a Navigation Center at 11839 Sherman Way to provide storage and services to those in need. In addition, over 200 units of Proposition HHH permanent supportive housing units are anticipated to open over the next couple years.  Continue reading