Emergency Grant Program / Council District Two / FY 2019-2020 Arts Development Fee / Expenditure Plan and Fee Status Report / COVID-19 Pandemic

MOTION-- Art and performance are critical to the economy and fabric of Los Angeles. Unfortunately, the COV1D-19pandemic has devastated this industry. Public health guidelines have closed theaters, halted filming, andstopped large gatherings altogether. These major disruptions have led to mass layoffs and have thepotential to erase an entire sector if urgent action is not taken, both Citywide and specifically in CouncilDistrict 2. Continue reading

Senior Nutrition Assistance / Food-Insecurity / Senior Meal Delivery Enhancement / Building and Safety Permit Enterprise Fund / COVID-19 Response

MOTION-- HEALTH, EDUCATION, NEIGHBORHOODFor years, the city has provided support for seniors in need of nutrition assistance through theDepartment of Aging. A network of Multipurpose Senior Centers, together with nonprofits and aidorganizations, have helped to connect food supplies with people who need them the most. Thisnetwork was already straining to meet the needs of food-insecure seniors, and the COVID-19 crisishas pushed that infrastructure beyond its capacity. Continue reading

COVID-19 Emergency Response / Building and Safety Permit Enterprise Fund / Loan

MOTION-- On March 17, 2020, Council adopted a motion to transfer $20 million from the ReserveFund to the General City Purposes Fund under a new account entitled "COVID-19Emergency Response" to provide additional funding for City departments to respond to theCOVID-19 pandemic (CF20-0147-S46]. In accordance with the Council action, the CityAdministrative Officer is authorized to expend these funds at the direction of the Mayor. Continue reading

Payment of Outstanding Invoices / Local Businesses / Small Local Business Enterprise and Local Business Enterprise Certified

MOTION-- I MOVE that the Council INSTRUCT the Controller, Bureau of Contract Administration, Board of Public Works, and all other contracting departments, to pay any outstanding invoices to local businesses, as identified by Small Local Business Enterprise and Local Business Enterprise certifications, on a 15-day timeline for a period of six-months.

COVID-19 Emergency / Six-Month Forbearance Period / Small Business Loan Program / COVID-19 Emergency Microloan Program

Motion-- I HEREBY MOVE that the matter of the CONSIDERATION OF MOTION relative to implementing a six-month forbearance period for all outstanding city loans to small businesses (Item #67 on today’s Council agenda, Council file No. 20-0375) BE AMENDED to INSTRUCT EWDD to waive the accrued loan interest for the length of the forbearance period and AUTHORIZE EWDD to extend the forbearance period to 12 months for certain businesses, if necessary.

Appeal Fee Exception / Extension of Time Request / Department of Building and Safety Order / Los Angeles Muncipal Code (LAMC) Section 98.0403.2(a)2 / Amendment / Emergency Ordinance

MOTION-- I MOVE that the Council REQUEST that the City Attorney draft an emergency ordinance amending LAMC Section 98.0403.2 (a)2. to create an exception that no appeal fee shall be required to request an extension of time on an order issued by the Department of Building and Safety, with a sunset date of September 24th, 2020.

6150 Laurel Canyon Boulevard / 12001 West Oxnard Street / Merlone Geier / NOHO Sign District Mitigation / Visual Environment Improvement Program

MOTION--Pursuant to the terms of a development agreement for the NOHO West Sign District (Ordinance No. 186,449, CF 18-0634-SI) the developer, Merlone Geier, is providing to the City a payment of $537,000 for the following purposes and in the following manner, as specified in the Ordinance, and quoted below: Continue reading

Fiscal Year 2018-19 Medi-Cal Intergovernmental Transfer (IGT) Program / Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) / State Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) /

MOTION-- The California Welfare and Institutions Code (WIC) Sections 14301.4 and 14164 establishes the Intergovernmental Transfer (IGT) program enabling a public entity, providing health care services to Medi-Cal managed care (HMO) beneficiaries, to transfer funds to the State Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) in support of the Medi-Cal program.  Continue reading

Coronavirus / COVID-19 / Emergency Management Department / Emergency Childcare Centers / First Responders / City Employees / Healthcare Workers

MOTION-- Nearly 80 school districts and a number of private schools across Los Angeles County have enacted closures in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19. As the nation's second largest school district, LAUSD alone enrolls approximately 700,000 students. In response to LAUSD's closure, the District will be opening 60 grab-and-go meal locations for students, but LAUSD will not be providing day care or supervision for students during the period of closure, which may leave working parents with few options other than taking time off work. Continue reading

Coronavirus / COVID-19 / Department of Transportation / City Attorney / Taxi Industry Support

MOTION--The COVID-19 emergency situation continues to evolve and actions by the City must be initiated to reduce the impact on businesses and residents. Immediate action is needed to support the taxi industry during this challenging time. These in the industry anticipate its collapse without immediate, proactive action. Continue reading