LA Al Fresco Program / Continuation, Support, and Expansion / Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Services (CARES) Act Funds / Allocation

MOTION-- The COVID-19 Emergency has slowed, stopped, and in some cases caused permanent closure ofmany local small businesses, harming people's lives, our communities, and the economy. Theimpact has been especially severe on independent dine-in restaurants. Continue reading

East San Fernando Valley Light Rail Transit Project / Van Nuys Boulevard and San Fernando Road Segments / Federal Transit Administration Pilot Program / Transit-Oriented Development Planning Grant

MOTION-- On January 15, 2020, Council adopted Motion (CF 19-1289], co-presented byCouncilmembers Rodriguez and Martinez, which instructed the Los Angeles City PlanningDepartment to report to Council with the resources necessary to carry out a Transit OrientedDistrict Specific Plan for the neighborhoods along the alignment for East San Fernando ValleyTransit Corridor (ESFVTC) Project. The motion notes that the major transit investmentproposed will spur important growth that requires forward-thinking land use planning bythe City with active participation of community members and stakeholders. Subsequently,C.F. 20-0600-S26 (Martinez-Rodriguez) was introduced, requesting the Mayor's 2020-21Proposed Budget be amended to include the necessary resources to carry out the TransitOriented District Specific Plan. Continue reading

Fiscal Year 2020-21 Adopted Budget Exclusion / Targeted Local Hire Program (TLHP) / City Departments / New Eligible Position Authorities / Requests

MOTION-- The Fiscal Year 2020-21 Adopted Budget sets' aside $90 million in the UnappropriatedBalance for the preservation of City services, reinvestment in disadvantaged communities andcommunities of color, reimagining public safety service delivery, and the Targeted Local Hire(TLH) Program. As part of its action when adopting the FY 2020-21 Budget on July 1, 2020,Council exempted the TLH Program from the hiring freeze, and encouraged General Managersto continue to hire from the TLH Program in order to expand the program. Departments shouldbegin to consider how they plan to utilize the TLH Program in die current year by reportingpotential need for positions that were not authorized in the FY 2020-21 Adopted Budget. Councilcan then evaluate these requests and potentially utilize the set aside funds to expand the TLHProgram. Continue reading

Status of City Finances / Separation Incentive Program / Revenues and Expenditures

MOTION-- The 2020-21 fiscal year is likely to be one of the most volatile and unpredictable ingenerations, and will require the City to respond rapidly to changing circumstances. Whilethe City Administrative Officer regularly generates Financial Status Reports to adjustdepartmental budgets and manage deficits, it may be necessary for the Council to makemore frequent adjustments to the budget and forecast potential shortfalls, curtail servicesto compensate for revenues coming in under plan or, if possible, enhance them in the lesslikely event that revenues are coming in stronger than expected. Continue reading

Peace in Armenia and Artsakh / Illumination of City Hall / Unappropriated Balance Fund / General City Purposes Fund / Council District 2

MOTION-- I MOVE that the City Council, subject to the approval of the Mayor, appropriate $120 fromthe Unappropriated Balance Fund No. 100-58 to the General Services Fund No 100-40,Account No. 1070 (Salaries-As Needed), for services in connection with the City’srecognition of Peace in Armenia and Artsakh on October 14, 2020, including theillumination of City Hall - said funds to be reimbursed to the General Fund by CouncilDistrict 2.

Recusal Standards / City Officials / City Conflict of Interest Policy / Enhancement and Expansion

MOTION-- On January 15, 2019 Councilmembers Ryu, Krekorian, Koretz, Martinez, Bonin, and Buscainointroduced a motion (CF 19-0046: Developer Contribution Restrictions / City Elected Officials /Candidates for City Office), to add developers with business before the City Council to the City’s list ofrestricted sources, which later led to the adoption of an ordinance restricting campaign contributions tocandidates for city office and officeholders, from restricted developers and their project principals.Included in the initial motion was a request for the Los Angeles Ethics Commission to also study thepossibility of the City adopting the recusal model utilized by the Los Angeles Metropolitan TransitAuthority (LA METRO). Continue reading

Reporting System / Los Angeles Housing Services Authority (LAHSA) / Funded Programs and Activities / Contract Performance and Dollars Spent / Enhanced Comprehensive Homeless Strategy / Quarterly Report

MOTION-- Data from the 2020 Point In Time Homeless Count indicates a 16.1% increase in homelessnessCity-wide, with 41,290 individuals experiencing homelessness in the City of Los Angeles. Thesenumbers have continued to rise over the past few years as a result of multiple factors, including acity-wide housing shortage, increased economic stresses resulting in unemployment andunder-employment. Continue reading

Hiring Hall Payroll Expenditures / Bureau of Street Services Fund / Funding

MOTION-- The Bureau of Street Services (StreetsLA) employs a combination of civil service and hiring hall staffalong with contractors, to complete its work programs. Due to fluctuations in these programs alongwith continued attrition and vacancies in civil service positions, StreetsLA continues to employ hiringhall staff in 2020-21 to supplement its existing workforce until permanent civil service positions arefilled. Continue reading

FlashSystem 9200 Drive / IBM / COVID-19 Emergency Data Storage / Information Technology Agency / Donation

MOTIONIBM has offered to donate a FlashSystem 9200 drive with 595 TB in effective storage,configured with accompanying hardware, plus a 5-year warranty and 5 years ofcomplimentary service (to run concurrent with the warranty) to upgrade the City’s criticaldata storage operations during the current COVID-19 emergency, Continue reading

Vulnerable Populations Experiencing Homelessness / Essential Services and Housing Coordination / COVID-19 Homelessness Recovery Roadmap

MOTION-- As of June 3, 2020, the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has been attributed to 57,118documented cases and 2,443 deaths in Los Angeles County. The pandemic and subsequentemergency orders, such as California's Stay-At-Home Order, have placed an unprecedentedstrain on the welfare and resources of residents and governmental bodies. Continue reading