City Healthcare Costs Reduction / Current Employees and Retirees

MOTION-- The City of Los Angeles must keep its promise to its workers to meet their health care needs inretirement, while taking advantage opportunities to reduce costs to the City. The City of Los Angelesfaces a severe financial crisis, making this an urgent time to find cost savings in all departments andconsider its long-term financial obligations. Continue reading

Revolving Loan Fund / Business, Foundation, and Investor Contributions / Workforce Housing Stock

MOTION-- For many years, Los Angeles has had one of the least affordable housing markets in the nation, andthe COVID-19 health and economic crisis has exacerbated that affordability crisis. More workingfamilies than ever are struggling to afford their rent, and many families fear the economicuncertainty laid bare by this crisis. A grossly unaffordable housing market, especially for moderateincome workers, is likely to be a significant constraint on our economic recovery. Continue reading

Unregulated Non-Cannabis Derived CBD / Risks and Dangers / Regulation

MOTION-- In California, cannabis-derived CBD products are required to pass many safety tests includingpesticides, heavy metals, microbial and more. However, hemp-derived CBD products remainunregulated at both the state and federal levels, except for a ban against hemp-derived CBD infood and beverages. Continue reading

EverytownLaw / Quinn Emmanuel Urquhart and Sullivan / Ghost Guns / Pro-Bono Legal Assistance

MOTION-- After many years of vastly reduced rates of violent crime in Los Angeles, there has been asignificant recent spike in shootings. LAPD is finding that untraceable firearms built fromkits or components, also known as "Ghost Guns/’ are frequently being used in violentcrimes. Continue reading

Senior Meal Emergency Response Program / Great Plates / Food and Delivery Assistance / COVID-19 Pandemic

MOTION-- The City has partnered with Los Angeles restaurants, hospitality businesses, andfranchise taxi companies to create the Senior Meal Emergency Response Program as part ofthe City’s COVID-19 response. The “Great Plates” program is designed to support those mostat risk during the COVID-19 pandemic, older adults aged 60-64 with underlying medicalconditions, and all adults over age 65. As COVID-19 continues to ravage vulnerable populationsin Los Angeles and throughout the country, County data show that adults over 65 years oldaccount for 75 percent of deaths related to complications caused by COVID-19. Infection ratesare growing by the day, and daily infections broke records in late June. There is an ongoingneed for the City to ensure that seniors are getting meals and assistance daily. Continue reading

North Hollywood West Neighborhood Council / Non-Event Street Banner Program

MOTION-- The North Hollywood West Neighborhood Council is coordinating a street bannercampaign. The purpose of the street banners is to promote the North Hollywood WestNeighborhood Council and encourage stakeholders to become involved with their community. Continue reading

Technical Assistance Program / Small and Medium Sized Businesses / Multilingual / Online Support / COVID-19 Pandemic

MOTION-- COVID-19 has limited consumer's ability to enter businesses and purchase goods or services face toface. This has forced a number of brick and mortar businesses to move their operations online withlittle to no guidance on how to optimize the technological shift. Continue reading

Comprehensive Jobs Plan / Job Market Changes / Rebuild Lost Jobs / Local Economy

MOTION-- In 2015, the City Council adopted a comprehensive plan on job creation in the City of Los Angeles (C.F.15-0850). At that time, the City faced major setbacks as a result of the 2008 Great Recession and soughtto rebuild its economy by implementing a number of strategies to provide economic growth by way ofjob establishment This plan resulted in a collaborative effort of multiple departments, implementingprograms and policies at City-scale - a plan that for the first time, took a comprehensive approach tojob creation. The plan intended to serve as a roadmap for City departments, but also as a guiding policydocument to attract investment thereby creating more jobs. At this time, five years later, the City hassuccessfully implemented roughly 80% of that comprehensive jobs plan. Continue reading

Code Enforcement / Quality of Life and Vegetation / Relaxation / Building and Safety

MOTION--I HEREBY MOVE that Council AMEND the Motion (Krekorian – Martinez) relative to relaxing quality of life and vegetation related code enforcement activities to add the following bolded language to the recommendation:  Continue reading

Temporary Sign Violations / Citation Enforcement Provision Suspension

MOTION-- Numerous businesses citywide, including small restaurants, are being cited with $356 fines forposting banners without a permit which inform customers that a business is open for takeout during theCOVID-19 pandemic. Continue reading