Motion No. 3 / Fire Department / State or Federal Revenue City May Receive

MOTION-- I MOVE that the Budget and Finance Committee report on the Mayor's Proposed Budget
for 2021-22 be amended to delete regular authority and funding for two Accountants, one
Systems Programmer I, one Senior Systems Analyst I and one Systems Analyst; and, add
authority and 12-months funding for one Deputy Chief Accountant III, one Systems Programmer
II, one Programmer/Analyst II and one Management Analyst in the Fire Department as follows:

FIRE (Budget Page 117)


Salaries General - $451,518
Related Cost - $222,197


Salaries General - $447,125
Related Cost - $207,197

TOTAL CHANGE = $ 19,9481

Change such other affected totals, subtotals, summaries, scheduled or supporting data as
are necessary to conform to modifications hereinabove made.