Modified Mufflers / Noise-Sensitive Areas / Local Enforcement / Limit Use

MOTION-- Throughout the city, a small number of people cause disproportionate disturbance through vehicle
exhaust sound enhancements [otherwise known as modified mufflers). Modified mufflers on vehicles
of all types can disrupt quality of life, especially in residential neighborhoods, due to their excessively
loud noise. Sometimes these modified mufflers allow "backfires" and other loud noises that residents
mistake for gunfire or explosions that lead to unnecessary calls for police response. Additionally, these
loud noises can have particularly damaging implications for those with special sensitivities to loud
noise, such as victims of PTSD.

Presently, there are existing laws that govern noises emitted by vehicles by both the City and the State.
LA City Municipal Code § 114.02 and California State Vehicle Codes § 27150[a) and §27151(a) detail
the laws surrounding appropriate muffler infrastructure, and neighborhood noise levels. More recently,
the state adopted AB1824 which requires officers to issue tickets to people that violate state exhaust
noise laws; previously, the tickets issued for this citation merited only a "fix it" warning.

The regulations for modified mufflers should be more heavily enforced and the council should consider
whether the current local laws are sufficiently strong enough to address the public safety and
quality-of-life issues that modified mufflers pose for our communities and users of the right-of-way.

I THEREFORE MOVE that the City Council INSTRUCT the Chief Legislative Analyst, in concert with the
Los Angeles Police Department and the Office of the City Attorney to report on possible ways to more
effectively limit the use of modified mufflers, especially in noise-sensitive areas.