Krekorian Sponsors Mobile Apps Ordinance To Ease Traffic

LOS ANGELES - In recent years it has become apparent that even certain out-of-the-way streets in CD2 are not immune to gridlock. The prime reason is Waze, the GPS navigation software App owned by Google, which routes drivers to seemingly open streets in an attempt to get around traffic.

Not only is the App sending a large number of vehicles to these neighborhoods, it can also pose a serious threat to safety. During the Skirball Fire, Waze sent vehicles to areas that had been vacated due to fire danger.

The City Council this week approved a motion sponsored by Councilmember Krekorian calling for an ordinance providing that the Los Angeles Department of Transportation has exclusive authority over the provision of digital infrastructure that regulates traffic.

The ordinance will provide city authorities with the means to address a problem that many CD2 residents could not have anticipated when they purchased homes in quiet neighborhoods.