Mid-Summer Review

I hope you have enjoyed the pleasures of summer with family and friends — vacations, barbecues picnics and outdoor events such as our NoHo Summer Nights free concert series in North Hollywood Park.  Summer also brings renewed awareness of the effects of global climate change — not just extreme heat but the persistent drought conditions that are now the norm throughout the Western United States.

In response to these challenges, your City Council is taking action to conserve water, mitigate extreme heat conditions and prepare the city for climate emergencies. We are also taking action to limit the emission of the greenhouse gases that are causing climate change and extreme weather events around the world. 

Los Angeles is already a national leader in water conservation. Angelenos have saved enough water over the last 20 years to serve a million people. Yet water shortages continue to endanger public safety, our economy, our clean energy goals, and our quality of life. The actions we have taken this summer are a vital first step to addressing what is now an existential threat to the City of Los Angeles, and all of us need to embrace the commitment to conservation with urgency.