Metrolink, An Economic Engine

As a member of the Metrolink Board, I am well aware of the positive effect on the Southern California economy of our transportation projects. A report issued late last week by the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation offers more evidence.

According to the LAEDC study, Metrolink's Southern California Optimized Rail Expansion (SCORE) program is expected to generate 1.3 million jobs and increase the gross regional product by nearly $684 billion through 2050.

The 10-year, $10-billion capital improvement program, slated to begin in 2020, will include track additions and enhancements to stations, signals and grade crossings to bolster safety and enable more frequent, bi-directional service throughout the day. SCORE also accelerates progress toward Metrolink's zero-emissions future.

The study predicts that the nine-year construction period alone will account for at least 110,000 jobs, paying on average nearly $64,000 annually.

Along with the economic benefits, SCORE is great for the environment. The LAEDC predicts the program will add 2.3 million pedestrian trips and 1.3 million bicycle trips each year.

Leaving a brighter future for our children and grandchildren is one of the most important functions of any governmental body. On that count, the SCORE program is a tremendous success.