Matt Hale

Matt.jpgMatt Hale is the Policy Director for Councilmember Krekorian, setting legislative priorities and coordinating the Councilmember’s legislative agenda.

Matt’s previous experiences include working as a legislative staffer for former California State Assemblymember Simon Salinas and for Krekorian when he served in the State Assembly. In Sacramento, Matt helped develop groundbreaking legislation, tackling issues like intellectual property theft and campaign finance, as well as sustainability, water conservation and renewable energy.

As the lead staffer for the Budget and Finance Committee, Matt is responsible for coordinating the City Council’s consideration of the city’s annual budget, as well as day-to-day oversight of the City’s finances. He also advises Councilmember Krekorian on the Department of Water and Power and sustainability programs, and drafts motions to implement new programs and manage district needs.

Matt graduated from CSU Sacramento’s government program in 2007, is a Water and Power Commissioner in the City of Glendale, and enjoys all things “nerd.”

To contact Matt, email or call 213-473-7002.