Los Angeles Fire Department / Funds Transfer / Sworn Overtime / Dixie, Monument, and Caldor Fires

MOTION-- Funding of $3 million was budgeted in the Unappropriated Balance (UB) for
increased overtime costs incurred by Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) firefighters
providing response to fires and disasters under mutual aid efforts, which is typically
transferred to the Department’s overtime account in the First Financial Status Report
(FSR) as needs arise. However, the LAFD has been committing sworn resources to
numerous fire incidents since July 1,2021. Major response efforts including the Dixie,
Monument and Caldor fires, and persistent extreme high-risk weather conditions, have
significantly drawn upon LAFD resources. This has resulted in depletion of the Sworn
Overtime account prior to consideration of the First FSR. The Department will
experience a payroll shortfall for the pay period ending October 23, 2021.

Council approval is urgently needed to expedite the necessary transfer of funds
to balance salary accounts. LAFD will transfer $600,000 from Constant Staffing
Overtime to Sworn Overtime. A significant portion of these costs are recovered through
reimbursements from the receiving agencies or through state or federal emergency
response funds.

I THEREFORE MOVE that City Council, subject to approval of the Mayor,
authorize the Controller to transfer $600,000 within Fund 100, as follows:
Fund Account Amount

From: 100/38 001093, Overtime Constant Staffing $ 600,000

To: 100/38 001092, Overtime Sworn $ 600,000

I FURTHER MOVE that the Fire Department be authorized to prepare Controller
instructions for any technical adjustments, subject to approval of the City Administrative
Officer, and that the Controller be authorized to implement the instructions.