Los Angeles Administrative Code / Boards and Commissions / Contract Approval Authority / Delegation to General Managers / National, State, Local Emergencies / Goods and Services / City Services / Ordinance

MOTION-- The Mayor of the City of Los Angeles, pursuant to his powers under Administrative
Code Section 8.27, declared the existence of a local emergency due to the introduction of
the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) into the United States and Los Angeles County on March
2, 2020. The Los Angeles City Council approved a resolution ratifying the existence of a
local emergency and the need for continuing the state of a local emergency on March 4,

The nature of the emergency and the need to procure supplies, materials,
construction, equipment, services, and labor necessary to safeguard life, health, safety, and
property, requires the City and its departments to take extraordinary action. Additionally,
in light of the Mayor’s instructions for Boards and Commissions to meet infrequently, a
policy is needed to delegate contracting authority in order to continue vital city operations.

I THEREFORE MOVE, that the City Council REQUEST the City Attorney, with the
assistance of the Chief Procurement Officer, to prepare and present an ordinance amending
the Los Angeles Administrative Code and the Los Angeles Municipal Code so that during
times of declared national, state, and/or local emergencies, and when Council, Board, and
Commission meetings have been limited as a result of Mayoral and Council instruction, the
City Council may, through adoption of a resolution by two-thirds vote and approval by the
Mayor, delegate the contract approval authorities of Boards and Commissions to the
general managers of departments and bureaus for the procurement of goods and services
that safeguard life, health, safety, and property, continue city services, and/or contracts
that are mandated by state or federal law.