Looking Ahead to 2023

We have come to the end of a year like no other in our city’s history.  As we begin a new year with renewed hope, it is important to reflect on the incredible challenges and also the important accomplishments of 2022.  

In the last year the City Council has endured shocking controversies and toxic disruption.  But 2023 brings all of us an unprecedented opportunity to turn the page and make a fresh start, creating a new kind of leadership in City Hall that will regain the trust and confidence of the people of our city.  

We have just celebrated the inauguration of our new mayor Karen Bass, and the Council welcomes five new Councilmembers.  Every citywide elected official, and fully a third of the entire City Council, is brand new.  I am humbled that the new City Council has selected me to be the new Council President, and I recognize both the challenge and the opportunity inherent in this new leadership position.   

With new leadership, new energy, and new ideas, we have a unique opportunity for reform and renewal: reform of the way city government operates and renewal of our commitment to serve all the people of Los Angeles.  You can be very much a part of this process of positive change.  I look forward to working with you to make Los Angeles the city we all know it can be.  

For now, I hope that you, your friends and family have enjoyed a warm and joyous holiday season, and I wish you a very happy new year.  It has been and continues to be my great honor to serve you.