Large Family Day Care Homes / SB 234 / Keeping Kids Close to Home Act / Los Angeles Municipal Code / Amendment

MOTION-- Family Day Care Homes have been essential providers of early childhood education and quality
childcare options for Los Angeles families. Historically, Large Family Day Care Homes in the
City of Los Angeles were required to file a Notice of intent to Operate and meet a set of
conditions under Los Angeles Municipal Code Section 12.22. However, in 2019, the California
State Legislature adopted Senate Bill 234, the "Keeping Kids Close to Home Act," which
implemented multiple changes to local jurisdictions' ability to regulate Large Family Day Care
Homes effective as of January 2020.

I THEREFORE MOVE that the City Council REQUEST the City Attorney, with assistance from
the Department of City Planning and any other supportive departments, to prepare and present an
ordinance to amend LAMC Section 12.22 and any other provisions of the municipal code
concerning Large Family Day Care Homes to comport with SB 234.