LA Repairs 2,400 Lane Miles of City Streets


LOS ANGELES - Earlier this week, the City of Los Angeles set a record for the most street lane miles repaired in a single year in the city's history. Councilmember Krekorian joined Mayor Garcetti to announce this accomplishment. 

City crews paved an average of 6.5 street lane miles every day this fiscal year, which is equivalent to paving the road from City Hall to Dodger Stadium. The 2,400 street lane miles of asphalt is also equal to the width of Wilshire Boulevard from Los Angeles to San Francisco. 

"I'm proud of the work that the City of Los Angeles Bureau of Street Services accomplished in getting the job done and our Mayor Eric Garcetti's leadership in helping LA reach this goal," said Krekorian. "Our work, however, is not done yet. As budget chair, I'm committed to delivering onour promise to restore critical services that will improve our streets, sidewalks and neighborhoods and to enhance our overall quality of life."

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