LA Launches New City Property Database


LOS ANGELES - The City of Los Angeles just launched a new online portal that will help maximize the value of city property, and more efficiently provide options for affordable housing, homeless service facilities and other priorities. The comprehensive, searchable property database will enable staff to manage city property more effectively, and allow the public to track the development of community assets, like police and fire stations, libraries and public parks. The portal is available at

Over the last 18 months, Mayor Garcetti collaborated with Councilmember Krekorian's Ad Hoc Committee on Job Creation, along with other public and private stakeholders, to update and improve data related to city-owned property.

"I'm delighted that we now have a thorough, accurate and publicly available database listing all city-owned properties," said Councilmember Krekorian. "It is a fantastic tool that will enable the city and others to evaluate the full range of assets we own and to get inventive about ways to use them for economic development and job creation."

The portal will be used to maximize the value of underutilized or vacant properties. With departments, such as the Department of Transportation, the Economic and Workforce Development Department, and Los Angeles Public Library now utilizing the system, the unused spaces could potentially turn into a vast array of public amenities. The city will continue to build upon the database in an ongoing effort to increase transparency and enhance management and strategic decisions regarding real estate assets.