LA Examines the Risk of Threatened Federal Cuts


LOS ANGELES - At this week's Budget and Finance Committee hearing, members discussed an initial report on how the White House's proposed budget, as well as its threats on immigration, could impact the city's coffers. Councilmember Krekorian, who chairs the committee, authored the motion calling for the report with the aim of clarifying the degree of danger the city faces if Congress approves massive federal budget cuts.

The committee discussed the possibility that federal grants may be at risk in several city departments, including the Los Angeles Police Department. Krekorian also stated that the budget cuts proposed by the Trump administration, if approved, "would so devastate so many areas of fundamental services to our people that there is no way this city could expect to make up for it, and that's just in terms of services to vulnerable Angelenos." He added that knowing the extent of the threats would help Los Angeles better protect its residents and maintain its level of services.

The Budget and Finance Committee will take up the issue again in the coming weeks after city officials update the report with the latest numbers under consideration in Washington. Congress has until the beginning of October to adopt a budget.