LA City Council Redistricting Commission (LACCRC) / Taxpayer Funds / Contractors / Outreach / Expenditure Accountability

MOTION-- Redistricting takes place in Los Angeles once every decade following the release of census
data. It is a critically important part of the City’s democratic process to ensure fair
representation in the City Council. Redistricting is an opportunity for communities of interest to 
voice their concerns and ensure they are grouped and represented in an equitable manner that
respects the diversity of our City. The testimony and input of the residents of Los Angeles is
critical to creating a redistricting plan that provides fair and effective representation for all
residents of the city.

The Council appropriated approximately $1.2 million for the work of the 2021 LA City Council
Redistricting Commission (LACCRC), including nearly $600,000 for outreach and marketing
expenses. Due to the delay in the release of US Census data due to the pandemic and
improprieties from the Trump Administration, the City Council later appropriated an additional
$375,000 in the FY21-22 budget, specifically for outreach and marketing costs. Given the
challenges of the pandemic, it was essential that the Commission go above and beyond
traditional communications strategies in order to ensure robust participation.

Because the public gets the opportunity to participate in determining Council district lines only
once every decade, and because the taxpayers of Los Angeles invested significant funds to
ensure the greatest possible degree of public engagement, it is imperative that the Council
ensure accountability for this expenditure.

I THEREFORE MOVE that Council INSTRUCT the Chief Legislative Analyst to report to the
Budget and Finance Committee within 15 days on how the Los Angeles City Council
Redistricting Commission expended its appropriated taxpayer funds (particularly on the
marketing budget), how it selected contractors that would receive taxpayer funds, how the
commission conducted outreach, and how it ensured maximum participation of all communities
of interest.