LA Al Fresco Program / Continuation, Support, and Expansion / Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Services (CARES) Act Funds / Allocation

MOTION-- The COVID-19 Emergency has slowed, stopped, and in some cases caused permanent closure of
many local small businesses, harming people's lives, our communities, and the economy. The
impact has been especially severe on independent dine-in restaurants.

On May 29, the Los Angeles Department of Transportation launched the LA A1 Fresco Program to
support outdoor dining opportunities for restaurants who have been hit hard by the COVID-19
crisis, in coordination with the L.A. County Department of Public Health guidelines. Through the LA
A1 Fresco program, eligible businesses have been able to provide outdoor seating on sidewalks,
private parking lots, street parking spaces ("parklets"), and in street lanes through safe partial
street closures. The program has been immensely popular for businesses and patrons alike. It has
had over 2,000 applications so far and that list is still growing.

Unfortunately, the popularity of the LA A1 Fresco program has led to the exhaustion of available
funding in the Department of Transportation. The lack of sufficient funding to respond to the
current and growing number of applications means that this program will not be able to achieve its
potential in boosting the City’s economic recovery.

WE THEREFORE MOVE that the Council INSTRUCT the CAO to allocate CARES Act funds totaling
$2,000,000.00 to the continuation, support, and expansion of the LA A1 Fresco Program.

WE FURTHER MOVE that the Council INSTRUCT the Los Angeles Department of Transportation to
take the following actions:

          1) Make any necessary changes to the program to improve its efficiency and maximize
              the number of participating restaurants, as well as ensure that CARES Act funds
              allocated to the program are able to be used prior to December 31st, 2020.

          2) Report with measures to streamline the program for future participants, including
              standard designs for installation of parklets and a predictable cost structure for
              different design options so that applicants who wish to participate in the LA A1
              Fresco Program may do so at their own expense after these funds are fully