L.A. Adopts Electric Vehicle Master Plan

On April 6, the Council approved a motion by Councilmember Paul Krekorian and his colleague Councilmember Mitch O’Farrell to create the City’s strategic long-term Electric Vehicle Master Plan, a comprehensive roadmap to establishing an all-electric fleet of City vehicles.  

The master plan will include detailed assessments of vehicle needs of each department and the availability of electric vehicles to meet those needs; the required charging infrastructure for the City’s light and heavy vehicles; expanded charging capacity for the growing number of privately owned electric vehicles on our streets; and the impacts of this expansion of electric vehicles on the LADWP power grid and LA100 clean energy plan.

Electric vehicles, of course, are only as clean as the electricity used to charge them.  The City’s groundbreaking LA100 clean energy program, which Councilmember Krekorian initiated in 2016, is now laying the groundwork for the LADWP to generate 100 percent carbon-free energy by 2035.  The EV Master Plan will be aligned with LA100, and in fact broad adoption of EVs will contribute to the cost-effectiveness of the LA100 conversion.

“A century ago, Los Angeles led the automotive revolution of the past.  Today, the Council is leading the automotive revolution of the future,” said Krekorian.   “This master plan takes the City beyond slogans.  It will be the roadmap for the real world work necessary to lead the nation in EV adoption, which will be a major step forward in improving our local air quality and creating good middle class jobs for Angelenos, even while we’re helping to save the world from catastrophic climate change.”