Krekorian’s Childcare Initiative Launches in City Parks

During the budget cuts of the Great Recession a decade ago, the City reduced the number of childcare centers in parks from 24 to just two. This year, Councilmember Krekorian delivered funding to begin restoring quality childcare services across the city, beginning in the East Valley.

Now that the City's revenues have recovered from the twin blows of the Great Recession and COVID, Councilmember Krekorian has made it a priority to restore and reopen the network of first-rate subsidized child care centers in our City Parks. 

The Valley Victory Park Childcare Center in North Hollywood is the first of many that will be opening across the city over the next few months. There are 24 altogether and the first ten will be open by autumn. The City-operated childcare centers offer free or low-cost preschool programs to working families who cannot otherwise afford the childcare they need to remain employed and productive.

VIDEO: Councilmember Krekorian Reopens Childcare Center at Victory Valley Park