Krekorian Calls For Investigation of Waste Management

LOS ANGELES - This week, a Channel 2 reporter sent Councilmember Krekorian's office a video taken by a Studio City constituent that shows a hauler from Waste Management blatantly combining recyclables (blue) and trash (black) into a single bin. The Councilman gave an interview to the reporter in which he expressed his outrage that this had taken place, adding that it merited further investigation by the City.

The next day, Councilmember Krekorian sponsored a motion that called on the Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation and the Los Angeles City Attorney's Office to investigate Waste Management's comingling of solid waste and recyclables in the same truck and determine whether the City should assess liquidated damages on the company for violation of contract. The motion asks for a report back to Council in 30 days.

(If you have video evidence of comingling of trash and recyclables, please send it to [email protected])

The City is in the midst of an ambitious, historic agenda to improve the environment, and not a moment too soon. The public must have every confidence that we are delivering on that promise.