Krekorian and Bonin call for 100% clean energy in LA


In a landmark effort to revolutionize the way the energy is generated for Los Angeles, City Councilmembers Paul Krekorian and Mike Bonin coauthored legislation aimed at creating a pathway to 100% clean energy for the nation’s second largest city.

The proposal, which will be considered by the City Council’s Energy and Environment Committee on April 20, instructs the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) to convene a research partnership with local universities, power agencies, energy experts and other stakeholders to determine what investments LADWP should make to achieve a 100% renewable energy portfolio. The pathway to 100% clean energy created by the research partnership would be one of the most important environmental initiatives ever launched in Southern California.

“LADWP is on the verge of making significant investments in its infrastructure, and with that 100-year-old power system in need of significant upgrades, the city has an opportunity to recreate its utility in a way that recognizes the potential for a fossil-free future, demonstrates global leadership in its commitment to clean energy, and protects ratepayers from the increasing costs of carbon-based fuels,” reads the Krekorian-Bonin legislation.

The legislation is supported by the Sierra Club, the nation’s largest and most influential grassroots environmental organization.

"100 percent clean energy is a bold and exciting goal for our city - the destination Los Angeles can and must reach for," said Graciela Geyer, Campaign Representative for the Sierra Club's My Generation Campaign. "Angelenos are all-in on clean energy. Thoughtfully planning for 100 percent clean energy ensures that we can expand our clean economy in a way improves our quality of life, whether it be cleaner air, a more equitable economy, or heightened grid reliability. The research partnership called for in the legislation proposes to build on previous LADWP accomplishments in order to chart a path to completely clean energy.

“The city has already acted decisively and deliberately to reduce its emissions of greenhouse gases and thereby reduce its contribution to the changing climate,” the Krekorian-Bonin motion states. “Among these steps are investing in LED street lights, developing electrical hookups for ships at the Port of Los Angeles, expanding the use of electric vehicles at the city and major investments in energy efficiency among all types of electrical customers.”

If approved by the Energy and Environment Committee on April 20, the proposal will next be heard by the full City Council later this spring. Once formally adopted, Bonin, Krekorian and the Sierra Club will join LADWP at an event to announce the members of the research partnership and announce specific dates for the pathway to 100% to be unveiled.

Click here to read the Krekorian-Bonin motion.